Hello My name is Tracy,

     Hello, My name is Shane and I have always lived in Maine in fact I never left the town I grew up in. I love to travel and have been up and down the east coast and as far west as Iowa by car or rv. I also have taken a train out to hike part of the Rockies in New Mexico when I was a teenager.

      I grew up knowing that I wanted to get married and have kids as well as have a house. Well I was able to accomplish that and it has been great.

     When we went on our first family trip in an RV we knew it was for us. we have been on several over the years. Now that we are getting older and we are witnessing the decline in the health of my parents (mostly mom at this point) I looked back over my life and realized there is a lot I want to do before its to late.

     All of a sudden it hit me like a brick wall, I wanted to really experience the country via an RV. There was and is only one problem. (Well maybe more then one) Remember the house and kids well that’s right I just cant up and leave so I devised a plan in my head to downsize 30+ years of stuff as the kids grew up. This was about two years ago around fall of 2015.

     All this was great but would my wife be on board. So I had to see if she would want the same thing. and I was very happy to here her say “when do we leave”. She knew I was serious when she came home one day and my Jimmy Buffett stuff was gone.

     We decided that we would downsize everything and when the kids were on their own we would hit the road. So that’s what this is all about.

     I have been very fortunate to have two wonderful parents that did an outstanding job raising me and three others and gave us everything they could and sometimes even more (I think my dad is a hoarder and I may have caught it too LOL). So if you follow along our journey you will get to see what it takes to go from having almost everything to having just what you need to survive on the open road in a very small travel trailer. Life is a wild ride.